How do I choose my guest outfit?

1 August 2023

Attending a wedding is a special moment to celebrate the love and union of two people. As a guest, you play an essential role in this celebration, and your attire reflects the importance you attach to their big day. To help you choose the perfect outfit as a guest, here’s a detailed guide that takes into account the dress code, the venue, the season and your personal style.

1. Respect the dress code

The dress code mentioned on the invitation is a crucial guideline for choosing your outfit. There are different levels of formality, such as :

  • Evening dress: For the most formal weddings, opt for an elegant long dress for women and a well-cut suit for men.
  • Cocktail attire: Semi-formal attire, a chic short dress or trouser suit for women, and a dark suit with shirt and tie for men.
  • Casual dress: For more casual weddings, a cocktail dress or skirt with an elegant top for women, and a dress shirt with chino trousers for men.

2. Consider the venue and the season

Your choice of outfit should be adapted to the venue and the season of the wedding. For an outdoor ceremony, take the weather into account and opt for light, breathable fabrics in summer, or warmer fabrics in autumn and winter. If the wedding is taking place indoors in a reception hall, choose more formal attire and don’t forget to check whether the venue is air-conditioned.

  • Summer weddings: Women can opt for light, colourful dresses, while men can wear linen suits or casual outfits such as chinos with linen shirts.
  • Autumn weddings: Long-sleeved dresses and warmer colours are appropriate for women, while men can wear suits in warmer tones with rich textures.
  • Winter weddings: Women can choose elegant velvet dresses or sophisticated trouser ensembles, while men can opt for classic suits with thicker jackets and scarves.

3. Avoid white and black

It is customary to avoid wearing white, which is traditionally reserved for the bride. Although some brides are more tolerant of this, it’s best to err on the side of caution. If you absolutely must wear white, make sure it is an outfit with a colourful pattern or a piece that combines white with other colours. Similarly, black can be interpreted as a sign of mourning in some cultures, so try to avoid an all-black outfit. If you do choose a black outfit, add some colourful accessories to liven things up.

4. Strike a balance between elegance and comfort

The key to choosing the perfect guest outfit is to strike a balance between elegance and comfort. It’s important to feel comfortable in your outfit so that you can enjoy the day to the full and take an active part in the celebration. Dresses or suits that are too tight can be uncomfortable, as can high heels if you’re not used to wearing them. Choose clothes that show you off without sacrificing your well-being.

5. Accessorise with care

Accessories are a great way to complete your outfit and give it a personal touch. Choose them carefully to match your outfit. Delicate jewellery, an elegant scarf, a clutch bag or matching shoes can make all the difference and add a unique touch to your look.

6. Respect your personal style

Although you must respect the dress code and protocol, don’t hesitate to let your personal style shine through. Choose an outfit that reflects you and your personality. You’ll feel more confident and radiant in an outfit that really suits you.

Choosing your wedding guest outfit requires thought and consideration for the bride and groom, the venue and the season. By respecting the dress code, adapting your outfit to the context and staying true to your personal style, you’ll be perfectly prepared to celebrate this unforgettable moment with the bride, groom and other guests. Don’t forget that love is at the heart of this day, so make the most of every moment with your best smile and natural elegance.

We hope this article helps!

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