The creative process at Maison Lemoine

17 July 2023

Today, we would like to share with you an important part of our history and our values in the development of our collections.


To avoid the harmful consequences of overproduction, we have chosen a more targeted and reactive approach. Rather than producing large quantities in the hope of selling out, we have chosen to produce limited quantities to avoid overproduction and wasted materials. By following your requests on a day-to-day basis, we are able to restock regularly.


At Maison Lemoine, the creative process can be lengthy. Each piece in our collections is the fruit of the meticulous work of our craftsmen, who devote time and attention to every detail. From the initial design, to the choice of materials and accessories, to the tailoring and finishing touches, everything is done with care and expertise. We believe in the value of craftsmanship and in creating quality products that last.


We have chosen to have our collections made in Poland in small artisan workshops where it is mainly talented women who work with passion and dedication to create the pieces you will wear for your wedding or other occasion. We believe in creating quality products that last. To this end, each step requires time and patience to ensure that you receive an exceptional final product. From sourcing the finest fabrics, to prototyping, fitting and testing, we ensure that every piece meets our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

In this fast-paced world where satisfaction is often instantaneous, it’s important to remember that creating a quality product doesn’t happen overnight and that beautiful things take time. We understand that it can be frustrating when you’re trying to buy one of our best-selling pieces, especially for your big day.

We hope this article has helped you understand the process behind the piece you’re after.

And above all … the wait is always worth it!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your thoughts in the comments. We’re here for you, and we look forward to continuing to create exceptional products for your big and small occasions.

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