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5 July 2023

Your wedding day is a moment filled with joy, love and hope for the future. To attract good energy and wish you a lifetime of marital bliss, many traditions include the use of lucky charms. These meaningful symbols have been passed down through the ages and across cultures, offering a touch of magic and protection to your union.

In this article, we present you with a selection of traditional good luck charms to give you the best chance of success. We’ll explain everything you need to know about them.

Classic good luck charms :

The four-leaf clover :  The four-leaf clover is one of the best-known good luck charms. It is associated with good luck and good fortune. According to tradition, wearing a four-leaf clover or including it in your bridal bouquet symbolises the hope of finding marital bliss and a life filled with prosperity.
The bride in blue :  According to an ancient English tradition, the bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” on her wedding day. Blue is often associated with fidelity and purity. By incorporating a touch of blue into your wedding outfit, whether it’s a belt, a pair of shoes or a discreet accessory, you are invoking positive energies for your wedding and your married life.
Wedding rings :  Wedding rings are profound symbols of matrimonial commitment. They represent eternal love and fidelity between spouses. By exchanging rings at the wedding ceremony, you seal your love and commitment to each other. These precious rings become powerful charms that accompany you throughout your married life.

Doves : Doves are often associated with peace, love and harmony. In some cultures, the bride and groom release doves at the ceremony to symbolise the beginning of a life together filled with peace and happiness. It’s a symbolic gesture that attracts positive energies and creates a magical, serene atmosphere.
Bells : Bells are often used in wedding ceremonies to ward off negative spirits and bring good fortune. They are hung from bridal veils, bouquets or wedding decorations. The sound of the bells is supposed to ward off bad vibrations and invoke positive energies for married life.

Less common but just as effective good luck charms 😉 :

The tree of life : The tree of life is a universally powerful and sacred symbol. It represents growth, wisdom, fertility and strength. Incorporating a tree of life into your wedding decor or incorporating it into your personal accessories, such as jewellery or brooches, symbolises the strength of your love, your ability to overcome challenges and your desire to flourish together.
Pearls : Pearls are considered jewels of the sea and are often associated with purity, femininity and wisdom. They also represent union and harmony, as each unique pearl is formed by an interaction between an oyster and a grain of sand. By wearing pearls on your wedding day, you are invoking the beauty of pure love and the desire for a solid, balanced relationship.
The love knot : The love knot, also known as the eternal knot or Celtic knot, is a symbol of eternal love and indissoluble unity. It is often used in wedding rings or wedding jewellery to represent the indestructible connection between spouses. This symbol reminds us that your love is a strong bond that will endure throughout your lives.

Moonstone : Moonstone is renowned for its gentle luminosity and soothing emotional properties. It is associated with love, intuition and emotional balance. Wearing moonstone jewellery, such as a necklace, earrings or ring, during your wedding is a way of channelling benevolent energies and cultivating a deep emotional connection with your partner.
The hamsa : The hamsa is a symbol of protection and good fortune in many cultures. It is represented by an open hand, often with an eye in the centre. The hamsa is believed to ward off the evil eye and negative energies, and bring peace and prosperity. Incorporating a hamsa into your wedding decoration or wearing it as jewellery symbolises your desire to protect your love and create a harmonious environment.

Lucky wedding charms are much more than symbolic ornaments. They are a powerful reminder of the love, wisdom and protection that surround your union. Whether you choose one of them or not, these meaningful symbols evoke a deep spiritual connection and invite abundant blessings into your married life.

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