A honeymoon road-trip

19 September 2023
Road-trip mariage

What could be better than a road-trip for your honeymoon? A road-trip offers the opportunity to experience a unique adventure, creates lasting memories and makes you discover destinations from a new angle. And it’s even better when you’ve just said I DO! In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential steps of organising an unforgettable road-trip that will mark the beginning of your married life in a very special way.

1. Select your ideal destination.

Choosing the destination is the first crucial step in your wedding road-trip. Discuss your shared dreams and passions. If you love the beach, consider an exotic coastal destination. For mountain lovers, explore mountainous regions. The length of the trip is essential when deciding the destination. If you have a week to spare, choose nearby destinations; more time allows you to consider destinations further away. Take into account the season and the weather to avoid inconveniences. Every destination has its highlights. Look out for special offers for newlyweds, such as romantic packages. The choice of destination is the starting point for your honeymoon road trip. By opting for a place you’re both passionate about, you create the ideal conditions for a memorable honeymoon full of extraordinary memories. If you’re short of ideas, read our article on our original honeymoon destinations !

2. Choosing the itinerary and length of time.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding road-trip destination, planning the itinerary becomes essential for a carefree adventure. Start by deciding on the length of your trip: one week, two weeks or more. Divide this time between the different stages of your trip, taking into account your interests and the activities you want to do. For example, if you love hiking, plan to spend more time in the national parks. If you prefer lively cities, reduce the amount of time you spend in each place. Don’t forget to be flexible in your itinerary. Sometimes the unexpected discoveries are the most memorable and the best. Allow yourself to deviate from the planned itinerary if you find an interesting place along the way. The itinerary and duration of your road-trip are the backdrop to your adventure. They allow you to maximise your time, plan your stops and make sure you explore everything you want to. With this foundation in place, you’re ready for the next exciting step in planning your road trip honeymoon.


3. Define your budget and manage your finances.

Budget management is a crucial part of planning a successful wedding road-trip. Start by defining a realistic budget, taking all the essentials into account. Include expenses such as accommodation, food, fuel and activities in your initial budget. For each stage of your trip, have an idea of the average cost of meals, hotel nights and activities you plan. Don’t forget to include a margin for unexpected expenses, as there can always be surprises along the way. Bear in mind that some activities may have hidden costs, such as parking fees or road tolls. Careful financial management guarantees a stress-free trip. By keeping a close eye on your budget and anticipating expenses, you can concentrate on creating unforgettable memories during your wedding road-trip. Don’t forget to keep a reserve of money for the unexpected, so that nothing can spoil the magic of your road trip adventure.

4. Bookings and accommodations.

Once your itinerary is in place, move on to planning the bookings and accommodation for your wedding road-trip. Planning ahead is essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Start by making advance reservations for each step of your journey. Whether you’re looking for romantic hotels, secluded lakeside cabins or wild campsites, make sure your accommodation matches the vibe you desire. In popular destinations, booking early is essential, especially in high season. Make sure your accommodation choices are in line with your budget and preferences. From elegant suites for a luxury experience to intimate bed and breakfasts or holiday rentals, choose what suits your couple best. Planning and booking in advance takes away last-minute worries, allowing you to concentrate on creating unforgettable memories. Having a comfortable retreat at the end of each adventurous day will enrich your wedding road-trip. Book your accommodation via comparators such as Booking or Agoda !

5. Plan road-trip activities.

Look for unique activities and experiences in each destination. Whether it’s hiking, cultural visits, wine tasting or water activities, plan special moments for the two of you.

6. Preparing the vehicle.

If you are travelling with your own car, make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey. Have it serviced to avoid mechanical problems along the way. Also prepare essential equipment such as road maps, a GPS, chargers and a first-aid kit.

7. Create a playlist.

Music plays a crucial role in any road-trip. Create a playlist with songs that evoke memories, set the mood and reflect the excitement of your honeymoon.

8. Flexibility and adventure

Remember that adventure and spontaneity are at the heart of a road-trip. Be open to itinerary changes, unexpected encounters and discoveries that will enrich your experience.


Planning a road-trip for your honeymoon is an extraordinary way to start this new stage of your life. From choosing your destination to being flexible on the road, follow these steps to create an unforgettable trip. A road-trip will offer you intimate moments, breathtaking scenery and memories that will last a lifetime. May your road be paved with love and adventure!

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