How to dress your bridesmaids

9 June 2021

Dressing elegantly your bridesmaids is a challenge. How will you find an outfit that suits everyone’s body type and personnalité ? Maison Lemoine gave it a thought and prepared a selection of creations you will find perfect to help you dress your bridesmaids for your big day.  

Bridesmaids will be your rock on your wedding day. They will do everything to ease the stress, anticipate any issue to have a perfect ceremony. Your sisters, cousins and friends you choose to be by your side for your wedding have to be dressed nicely to highlight your presence. And it is quite a challenge.


A moment of unity…

There is only one goal for a bridesmaid : help as much as she can to fix anything and avoid you to be stressed on the big day. A bridesmaid is usually an important figure in your life, and have to look united by your side. Maison Lemoine advises you to choose a color or tone identical for all. Of course this color can be a reference to your wedding theme or the colors you will be using for your decoration. And it has to compliment any skintone and hair color your bridesmaids are, to make them look their best.

Where every bridesmaids can feel beautiful on her own way !

Our blush-colored creations are made to look amazing on any skin tone. And you will recognize your allies in the crowd easily. Not too prominent, this tone of pink is just particular enough to be recognizable. Include one or two prints to add some variety, textured fabrics, and they are all splendid and good to go !

Each bridesmaid with you is unique, and that’s what makes all of them beautiful. They all have a different body type that deserves an outfit made to highlight her. As for our Albertina skirt in Blush, it would look great with a woman with a O or V body type, with it’s mid-length and the synched waist. Tina, our high-waisted skater skirt, will look fantastic X or H body types, while showing a little bit of leg. Wear the Paula Blush top, or the Celia top with it’s floral print and asymmetrical straps for an original touch ! Perfect to accentuate the woman that will be your maid of honor.

You want to go all out ? The Julianna dress in Blush is the way to go ! Long, glamorous with its side slits, it will pair great with a V body type. Backless and with thin stripes, the upper body is nicely highlighted. Looking for something more festive ? Line Glitter is the creation you need to give some shine. And for a romantic personality, go with the Camilla Blush skirt, a great choice with it’s length and pleaded fabric.

Dozens of choices possible

Of course, you can choose a bolder color and brighter prints ! Anna and Rose are dresses that may have the same floral print, but Rose is definitely a more romantic creation, and makes the bust so nicely put together. Whereas Anna high brings out the best of your legs, a bit more classic in the front, but showcases subtly the back. In the same print, the maxi-skirt Martha, with its slit on the side will be a feminine bridesmaid’s crush, who will surely fall in love for the backless top.

You prefer a solid color for your bridesmaids’ dresses ? The Manon dress, with its strong coral color gives a retro vibe, thanks to a straight silhouette and wide belt. With slits on its side, it gives every movement she will do a gracious appearance. And for V or H body types, the cute Alana dress balances your curves, while enhancing women with x or 8 body types. The open back brings the femininity needed.

You might want to offer some pants alternative. Romane, in color Bordeaux, is perfect to elongate a silhouette, and give the illusion of long legs for all body types. Add the Celia top and you are ready to go ! The Diana jumpsuit is a great alternative with body types that have a narrow waist and small hips. The Julia lace top in Bordeaux is the perfect delicate touch for this bridesmaid outfit.

What Maison Lemoine creations will beautify your bridesmaids and maid of honnor ? And how will you pair their personalities to their outfits ?

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