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Beauty routine for a glowing skin on your wedding day

25 February 2021
Routine beauté

Which beauty routine to adopt to have a perfect skin on your wedding day? The greatest wish of any future bride? To be radiant on her wedding day of course. We have all already pictured ourselves on our wedding day, whether in a long white gown or on a stunning open back jumpsuit. Whatever the attire we imagined for our wedding day; we all want one thing: to be glowing. Our only fear: have red patches all over our face or be…

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Icone of the month : Pat McGrath, the glitter queen

Pat McGrath, the glitter queen ! Pat McGrath, the makeup artist star Pat McGrath is the make-up artist star! She is the one that makes and unravels make-up trends, live from behind the scenes of fashion. All the luxury brands want her. In average,…

27 July 2017
Couronne Ziz and Clo

5 hairstyle trends for the future brides !

Today, I want to tell you all about the hair trends that are going to be huge in 2017. For all the girls getting married, or the girls going to a wedding this summer, if you still don’t know how to style your hair,…

29 March 2017

Les boucles de Chloé

Maison Lemoine vous fait découvrir la superbe Chloé à travers de ce post beauté. Chloé, égérie de la première collection capsule Maison Lemoine, a une chevelure ondulée de folie, tant en terme de volume que de reflets. Coiffés en chignon ou joliment détachés, les…

7 March 2016