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1 March 2017

I have met many interesting people at the Love/etc. festival I talked to you about a few weeks ago. There is one encounter that I will not forget. I met Geraud and Louis, the founders of Faubourg Saint Sulpice, the brand for men that I will talk to you about today and that I really love.

The creations of Faubourg Saint Sulpice

When the soon to be brides that I dress ask me if I know any brands for men, I love to tell them about Faubourg Saint Sulpice’s creations. The parisien luxury brand makes complete suits, taylor-made, that enables a real customisation, while following the trends of the season.

Seasonal collections

It is the strenght of the suits made by Faubourg Saint Sulpice. They present their outfits every season, a rare dimension when it comes to taylor made clothes. The last photo shoot of the summer collection is amazing and features perfectly the style of the brand, elegant and cool ! With fits that are always at the forefront of stylishness, you will be sure that you’re future husband will be the most handsome man at the ceremony.

An entirely customised suit

When you decide to go to Faubourd Saint Sulpice, you have a lot of elements and personnalisation items to imagine and create the perfect suit, according to your exact desires.  Pockets, collar, the back slits of the jacket, interior lining, under-collar felt, inside and outside topstiches, embroidery, colored buttonhole, and so on… the offer is huge and opens your mind to a million possibilities.

Géraud and Louis are always looking for new fabrics, exceptional materials, and trendy accessories to offer to their customers. You can find quality and timeless fabrics, for everyday suits, but also orginial material, for those who wish to stand out !

Values we have in commom

We love the idea that every client is unique and deserves a special attention, a value that we share at Maison Lemoine too. Geraud and Louis give morphological and stylistic advice to their clients that they welcome in their parisian showroom. All in an appartment atmosphere so that your soon to be husband feels the most comfortable possible ! These are values that are important for us at Maison Lemoine, that all #lesfillesenlemoine that came to visit us at our showroom will understand 😀

To take an appointment with Faubourg Saint Suplice, write to  tailleur@faubourgsaintsulpice.com

And for those who would like to discover our parisian showroom write to contact@maison-lemoine.com

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