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15 October 2020
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How to choose your outfits in accordance with your body type?

Women…. They can be tall, thin, slim, slender, small, chubby. There are so many body types, silhouettes, and shapes to enhance.

Yes, all of us women are so different from each other but still all beautiful. Unfortunately, most of the time we struggle and do not realize it just because we have a nasty tendency to compare ourselves with the neighbor who is taller or thinner, when really, we should refocus on ourselves. Whatever our body, all of us have a little something we have a complex about, a little something we’d like to change or hide. Yet, knowing your body means accepting it, and accepting your body does not mean hiding it.

With this article, we wanted to help you know and learn about your body type so that you can highlight your natural beauty and feel good about your body. Thus, a little clarification concerning the different body types is needed.

To each body a morphology and an outfit

First of all, it is important to know that there are six different body types we associate a letter or numeral with, and you’ll understand why very quickly. To know your morphology, you just need to stand in front of a mirror and have a look at yourself. Your hips, your shoulders and your waist will immediately tell if you are a ‘H’ or ‘X’ body type for example. Once you know your body type, we’ll see how to sublimate your silhouette.

‘A’ morphology

‘A’ body types can be compared to triangles. If you are an “A” then your hips are wider than your shoulders and your chest is small.

Adore your silhouette

If you are an ‘A’, the ideal will be to highlight the top of your body by creating volume on your shoulders since they are thinner than your hips. Pleated or flounce tops, puffed or raglan sleeves and shoulder pads are perfect for your silhouette. ‘A’ women can wear all kind of low-cut necklines. Low v-necklines will enhance your small chest whereas boat necklines will emphasize your shoulders that will seem wider than they are, which will harmonize your silhouette. Concerning skirts, dresses, and trousers, favor straight and wide cut.

The Salmah dress, the Aimee top and the Livia dress are perfect for your silhouette.

‘V’ morphology

Unlike the ‘A’ morphology, the ‘V’ body type can be characterized by wider shoulders and narrower hips.

Sublimate your silhouette

Unlike ‘A’ women, if you are a ‘V’, you’ll have to focus on the lower part of your body. Do not be afraid to go for prints and colors on your skirts and trousers. The goal is to create volume so that your hips look wider. Skater skirts, bubble skirts and peplum skirts are perfect. If you want to accessorize your outfit with a jacket, opt for a straight and long cut and stay away from shoulder pads.

The Pauline skirt, combined with the Paulette top as well as the Alana dress and the Paula top with the Ella skirt set are great for your morphology.


‘H’ morphology

Women with the ‘H’ body type have their shoulders and hips at the same width. Their waistline is not marked.

Flatter your silhouette

If you are a ‘H’, the best will be to choose pieces that will make your waistline look marked. To do so, you can choose to add volume on your shoulders or hips. Fluid tops with shoulder pads, flared skirts and skater dresses are ideal. Avoid belted pieces that will underline the fact that your waistline isn’t marked.

The Laurette top, the Ella skirt and the Marianne dress are ideal for your body type.


‘O’ morphology

If you have an ‘O’ body type, it means that you are fleshy and voluptuous. Your body is harmonious, your shoulders are round, your hips are well developed, and you have an ample bust.

Exalt your silhouette

If you have an ‘O’ body type, you should highlight your shoulders with round, square or boat necklines. Plunging necklines are not recommended for large breasts. If you do have large breasts, it is important to find the right balance between plunging necklines and closed necklines that would crush your breasts. Straight cut will particularly suit your silhouette. Skater dresses, straight and fluid dresses are also a good choice.

The Julia top, the Iona dress and the Manon dress are perfect for your shapes.


‘X’ morphology

Shoulders and hips are the same width and a marked waistline define the ‘X’ body type.

Underline your silhouette

If you are an ‘X’, you can wear absolutely everything. However, do avoid loose pieces that would hide your silhouette. Pleated skirts and puffy tunics are consequently not recommended. The best will be to put the emphasis on your marked waist.

The Sophie jumpsuit, the Raphaëlle kimono and the Charlie tuxedo and the Jackie dress are great to highlight your morphology.

‘8’ morphology

The ‘8’ morphology, just like the ‘X’ body type is characterized by shoulders that are as large as the hips, and a marked waistline. The only difference is that ‘8’ women are more voluptuous than ‘X’ women.

Reveal your silhouette

Just like women with an ‘X’ body type, women with an 8 morhology can wear everything except pieces that would hide and drown their silhouette such as too loose tunics. Wrap-over tops such as the Aimée top, as well as high-waist skirts and trousers are perfect to enhance your assets.

The Salome jumpsuit, the Julie dress and the Giulia jumpsuit are ideal for your body.

So, what is your body type?

I hope this article helped you know more about your morphology and how to flatter and love your boody. 

See you soon  for the next article ! In the meantime, do not hesitate to let me know if there are topics you want me to write about !

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