This winter, wear colors

15 February 2017

This winter, from the catwalks to the streets, bright colors are everywhere and we are absolutely loving this trend at Maison Lemoine ! A little color in these times of grey and dull weather warms the cockles of our hearts. This article sums up my favorite shades for the season:

  • Burgundy, the new black.

Burgundy is, season after season, making its place in the wardrobes of the world’s fashionistas. It is becoming the new black, a must-have in anyone’s closet. It has truly come to be a classic in the last few years. and this winter more than ever, everyone needs to have their own Burgundy piece. You can wear it from head to toe and even dab some on the lips! You can wear it as a total look or simply add subtle touches here and there and it’s a guaranteed success! This color will give a chic allure to any outfit.


  • Pastel to bright pink.

This season, pink is everywhere and in every shade. From pastel pink to sparkling and metallic, there is a pink for every taste. This color will lighten up any dull/dark outfit ! Spotted on Chanel, Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana’s among others catwalks, pink is your perfect ally this winter to face the gloomy weather. However, avoid the total pink look if you don’t want to look like a real life Barbie doll!


  • Bold red. The hottest shade of the season.

Red, a warm color often associated to evening gowns or femme fatale, is becoming the new color to wear at all times of day or night. Go for a total red look by mixing the materials: fleece, satin, neoprene, and so on. Only one rule when wearing a total red outfit : choose the same shades of red. For daytime, pick a boyish cut and for more of an evening look, go all out with a beautiful poppy red dress.


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Claire Lemoine

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