4 Crosses

8 February 2017

Today, discover a new jewellery label that we love at Maison Lemoine. This small brand was created in 2013 by Sophie Vallois Gouard. Have a look at her interview :

  1. 4 Crosses in 3 words …
    Sobriety – Style – Paris
  2. How did the brand start ?
    After working for 15 years in the jewellery industry and 5 years in the fashion industry, I wanted to start over and create my own jewellery brand. A world that I know very well and that inspires me greatly. All the creative part and the work with the artisans fascinates me. This project is more than a professional choice, it is a path of life.
  3. What is the story behind the name ?
    I wanted to have a name with my lucky-number 4. To me the cross sign (no religious meaning) evokes balance and on top of that has 4 branches.
    At the time, I was in Sweden with my son, and when drawing a 4 on the sand of a beach in Malmö, I realised that there was a cross in the lines of the number. Everything became clear !
  4. What is your favorite product ?
    The RIVOLI bracelet of the new collection. It is made from 24k fine gold and 2 stones.
    I particularly like the one with malachite and amethyst.
  5. Who inspires you ?
     I love artists like Francoise Dorléac and Romy Schneider, they have a little something that is special. But above all it is Inès de la Fressange’s style that inspires me. She is the icarnation of the parisian girl.
  6. What are your future projects ?
    I would love to have a permanent collection and be able to create new pieces of jewellery all year long. To offer a lot of different choices to my customers. To not be stuck with one collection during 6 months but to be able to let myself be carried by my creativity and the desires of my delightful customers/brand ambassadors.

You can shop our selection of 4crosses jewellery on our website or discover the whole collection directly on 4 crosses’ website !

Claire Lemoine

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