Wedding crown by Maison Massillon

16 June 2021

The wedding crown and comb by Maison Massillon are the quintessence of elegance and delicate craftsmanship. The founder Alizée, born in the south of France, transforms cold porcelain with a gold tread into beautiful creations for your hair. Whether it’s a comb or a bridal crown , it highlights your face and hairdo in a unique way, while being a simple and chic addition to you wedding outfit. How to style your hair according to the crowns ? Maison Lemoine has some ideas…


Wedding crown for loose hair

You thrive for a naturel look ? With your hair down, the pretty Firenze crown will complimente your hair while reminding of a wheat spike. Perfect to match a boho dress like Clémence, you will look great ! The Pacoma crown has sun-like pattern will associate nicely with the Albertina skirt and Ines top, or the Iona dress. You want a more floral look ? The Rosie and Eden crowns, or the Aurore comb will frame your face and reminisce delicate white flowers.


Lastly, the Roma comb is the ideal accessory to bring gracefully a strand of hair behind. If you decide to bring the strands behind, the Romantique comb is the very best to do so !

Updo in a simple way…

Updo in a simple way…

Why not choose to wear a ponytail for your wedding ? There’s nothing greater to elevate the way you carry your head. And thus wear all the Maison Massillon crowns in an original way ! Wrap the hair tie with the Rive du Nil crown to make it invisible while having an elegant touch to your hair. Or wear the half-comb Luna on both sides of your hair keep a simple hairstyle with a twist. The Sincère comb is a possibility that will look fantastic with some lace, like our Nina top or our Erin dress.


Or in a more intricate style !

Doing your hair in a bun does great to any wedding look, and the wedding crowns for Maison Massillon are truly the finishing touch to add. If you want to highlight the bun itself, use the Aurore comb right on it. And for a bucolic look, the lenghtened Roma comb is the way to go when having a more pastoral wedding. Finally, a sophisticated look calls for the classic Cléopâtre comb.


You prefer to highlight your face ? Put the Roma in the front and let your hairdo speak for itself. Looking for a more subtle choice, we would recommend you the Magnétique crown. Bind your hairstyle with your face by adding de Demeter crown and you’ll look flawless for you wedding. And finally, you can wear any wedding crown in the front or back of your head : it’s all up to you are your liking !



What hairstyle will you choose for your big day ? And what Maison Massillon creation would compliment it most ? Tell us all in the comments !

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