How to organise an hen party ?

6 June 2023

A hen party is a special event to celebrate the bride-to-be before her wedding day. It’s an opportunity to bring together your closest friends to share moments of joy, complicity and unforgettable memories.

To organise a memorable hen do, Maison Lemoine offers you a detailed guide to help you plan every step.

  • Consult the bride-to-be :
    Before you start planning the hen party, take the time to talk to the bride-to-be about her preferences, wishes and expectations. Ask her what type of event she would like, what her dream destination is, what her favourite activities are, and if she has any specific requests. The key to a successful hen party is to ensure that the bride feels special and loved throughout.
  • Set a date and destination :
    Once you have an idea of the bride-to-be’s preferences, set a date that works for everyone involved. Try to do this several months in advance to ensure that everyone is available. Next, choose a destination, bearing in mind the tastes and budgets of all the participants. You could opt for a lively city, a beach getaway, a country retreat or even a destination abroad.
  • Set a budget :
    Planning an hen party involves spending money, so it’s important to set a clear budget from the outset. Discuss with all the participants how much they are willing to contribute and draw up an overall budget accordingly. This will help you plan activities, accommodation, meals and other costs associated with the hen party.
  • Plan the activities:
    Activities are one of the highlights of the hen party. Think of activities that match the bride-to-be’s personality and interests. Here are a few ideas:– Dance lessons : Whether it’s belly dancing, salsa, pole dancing or any other dance style, learning a new choreography can be fun and entertaining.
    – Creative workshops : Organise workshops to make jewelry, decorate T-shirts or prepare natural cosmetics.
    – Spa and relaxation : Treat the bride-to-be to a day of relaxation with massages, facials and relaxing baths.
    – Games and challenges : Organise team adventure games, treasure hunts or challenges to create fun memories.
    – Tastings : Organise wine, chocolate, cheese or cocktail tastings for a gastronomic experience.

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