Which flowers for my wedding?

30 September 2020
bouquet de fleurs original

All the trends to wisely choose the flowers that will brighten up your wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony without flowers is like a bride without a bouquet… It is simply unthinkable. Flowers are very important when it comes to planning any wedding and choosing between all the possible options isn’t that easy. So how can I wisely choose the flowers that will brighten up my wedding ceremony, you might ask? Hopefully, this article will help you choose

Go for seasonal flowers

First of all, it is essential to select seasonal flowers. Doing so will ensure you have beautiful and fresh flowers. And do not assume that summer weddings are more blessed by nature, nature is very generous no matter the season of the year. 

Getting married in wintertime

Let’s begin with winter flowers. If you are getting married in winter, bulb flowers such as hyacinths, amaryllis, grape hyacinths, and tulips – symbol of perfect, ideal and sincere love – as well as anemones, hellebores, buttercups, are great for your bouquets which can also be livened up with maritime cineraria that will give the leaves a frosted look. 

Getting married in springtime 

If your wedding is planned for the spring, you can choose between peonies – symbol of tender and shared love – sweet peas, lilac, poppies, viburnum and so many others. Spring bouquets are subtle, delicate and lightly scented. They can be enlivened with grass or eucalyptus for instance. 

Getting married in summertime

On the other hand, the summer season is the ideal season for bucolic bouquets. Hydrangeas, delphiniums, roses – symbol of romanticism, tenderness and devotion – astilbes or lisianthus are very appreciated for weddings. In order to bring a little bit of greenery to your bouquet, you can add some fragrant foliage (blackcurrant, raspberry bush, mint) which will have the advantage of subtly perfuming it. Olive leaves as well as wheat can also be perfect in a summer bouquet depending on the theme you want for your wedding. 

Getting married in fall 

Finally, very beautiful and colorful flowers bloom in fall. They will bring warmth and cheerfulness to your ceremony. Dahlia, symbol of gratefulness, happiness and faithfulness, as well as hydrangea echoing pure love, are particularly appreciated for their color shades. Roses and scabiosas can also find their place in your fall bouquets.

Bring colors  

When you have chosen the flowers of your bouquet and those of the decoration of the venue, it is important to think about the theme you want in order to create consistency and harmony when it comes to styles and colors. You have already thought of it, right? But did you consider the meaning of colors? For instance, did you know that yellow often symbolizes jealousy and infidelity? Thus, yellow is one of the colors you certainly don’t want for your wedding (if symbolism is important for you of course). There are also some flowers that, no matter their color, have a negative connotation such as gladiolus that represents coldness, and carnation that, in the collective mind, brings bad luck.

This being said, let’s focus on the meaning of colors. 

White, worn by so many brides, symbolizes purity. Green, that is often found in small touches in floral compositions, stands for stability. Purple is the color of wit and wisdom as well as harmony. Blue represents gentleness, loyalty and fidelity. Pink, a color that is particularly appreciated by future brides, symbolizes ingenuousness, pure love and sensitivity. Last but not least: red stands for passion and orange represents joy and cheerfulness.

Have fun with flowers 

Now that you know more about flowers and how to choose them, you can have fun ! Of course, those of you who prefer sobriety can opt for a bouquet made of only one flower (“The biggest wedding trends for 2021”). One variety is all you need to make a modern statement…
For the others, do not hesitate to express your personality with your bouquet ! Be bold and daring: go for XXL floral compositions, colors, and unstructured bouquets. In theory, you get married only once! Make the most of it and let your creativity show. 

I hope this article helped you decide which flowers you want for your wedding ceremony and bouquet 😉

See you soon for the next article ! In the meantime, do not hesitate to let me know if there are topics you want me to write about ! 🙂 


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