The biggest wedding trends for 2021

23 September 2020

The biggest wedding trends you need to know about

You said “yes” and despite the joy that it brings you, you have a million questions going through your head. The decoration, the invitations, the flowers, your outfit, and many more and you don’t know where to start ? No worries! This article will help you get a clearer view. All the wedding trends you need to know about to prepare for your big day are right here.


The main trend of the moment: minimalism. Refined and clean lines are at the heart of this artistic movement. But how can I use the minimalist style in my wedding ceremony, you might ask?  

Lightness and simple lines for an outstanding bride

Let’s begin with the main subject: the bride. The possibilities are endless: short dresses (Suzanne dress), long slinky dresses (Paloma dress), or midi-length dresses (Marianne dress), high waisted trousers (Alex trousers), long boho skirts (Delphine skirt), or jumpsuits (Sophie jumpsuit)… you now have so many options to choose from. The modern minimalist trend has an emphasis on clean lines, different textures and sculptural details. No need to overdo it to enhance your natural beauty. 


An original and unstructured bouquet of flowers 

Concerning your bouquet, there are a wide range of options. You will be able to choose one that will perfectly match with your dress, the colors of your wedding and your personal taste. 

Large and unstructured bouquets as well as bouquets made of only one kind of flower or even those with dried flowers are (currently) trending. Personally, I like dried flowers. They create a very bohemian and romantic feeling. Dried flowers are the perfect option for a minimalist wedding. This trend is particularly interesting because it can also be found in the bride or bridesmaids’ accessories : crowns, bracelets, combs or brooches (Flowrette). 

There are also designers, such as Victoire (Les Couronnes de Victoire), that use stabilized flowers and plants in order to offer you accessories made of everlasting flowers. 

Do not forget that it is your wedding ceremony after all, and it should look like you (and you alone!) and be the reflection of what you’ve always dreamed of.

An understated and natural decoration for a refined wedding ceremony 

When the time to choose your decoration comes, go for materials that will create a raw and natural atmosphere to the place selected for your reception. For instance, you can use wood, marble, stone, china, terra cotta, iron, copper, or brass. Materials such as linen, muslin, hessian, cotton, or velvet will soften the raw aspect of the more masculine materials. The contrast between the two will undoubtedly be outstanding. 

Pastel and warm tones for an elegant announcement 

As for the invitations, you will need to play with textures and opt for simple and natural colors with pastel tones. 

Natural colors for a harmonious wedding ceremony

Concerning the colors you will choose in order to brighten up the decoration of the venue, keep in mind that simplicity and sobriety are key and that it is essential to create consistency and harmony through colors. Some brides choose the colors in accordance with their personal tastes, but others do it according to the seasons. Indeed, in fall warm colors with brown and orange tones will be preferable whereas blue tones will be better in winter. As for the summer weddings, pink and coral tones will be preferred. In any case, pastel colors are always a sure choice for weddings. 


I hope this article helped you plan and organize your dream ceremony 😉

See you soon for the next article ! And in the meantime, do not hesitate to let me know if there are topics in particular you would want me to write about ! 🙂 

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