A getaway to remember in Scotland

22 February 2017

I am just back from a wonderful road trip in Scotland, that I had planned for my boyfriend’s birthday. We hit the road to the Scottish Highlands for a getaway beyond my wildest expectations !

In this article, I will tell you all about our long weekend in Scotland.   

We landed in Edinburg in the evening. I had rented a car at the airport… after 5 very confusing minutes of driving on the left side, it was a hard first roundabout on the wrong side of the road, we hit the road to the castle of Edinburg. We took a walk in the calm streets of the city then we had dinner in a small traditional pub.   

I had booked a Bed&Breakfast at Stirling, on the Highlands road for the firts night. We arrived quite left and left the next morning really early, ready to travel to our first step, the Isle of Mull.  

 To get there, we crossed Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. The landscapes we were crossing were amazing. The mountains were covered in a thin coat of snow. A few hours later, we arrived at Oban, a really cute tiny little town, dominated by a huge – and very stange – empty Coliseum. 

The islands we can spot in the distance are beautiful. We are facing the Isle of Mull, that is “full of promises”. We embark on a ferry, the only way to access the island. On the deck, the wind is freezing, we contemplate the beautiful sea. And suddenly we spot a few dolphins. The moment if just perfect. 

45 minutes later, we disembark on Mull. The roads are single track only with unique passing places. We arrive at Tobermory, a nice village that makes un think of a postcard with all the colorful little houses and odd seagulls. After Tobermory, we take an even smaller path, fantastic and lost in the middle of nowhere. A few miles later, a black shape stands out in the middle of the orange sky. There is our castle. 

I really recommend this castle typically Scottish for anyone looking for a place to stay. The Glengorm Castle. Elegant, covered in stone, with a cozy library filled with books and bottles of whisky, amazing fireplaces, huge wooden tables that feel endless. The castle is by the seaside. There is no one this evening staying at the castle except for us, we have been upgrading to the main bedroom. A real life princess suite. We have a view on to the sea and the sun setting. An unforgettable moment. We finished the evening by a whisky tasting by the fireplace. 

The next morning, we took a walk close to the castle, in the middle of a group of sheep by the seaside. Th wind in freezing in our face but the moment is really out of time. We our off again, a bit sad to leave this amazing place. 

Next stop Isle of Skye. We took the ferry to leave the island, from Fishnish towards Fort William following Loch Linnhe. The landscape is as beautiful as everything we have seen since our arrival. 

 The Isle of Skye is a must do during this trip. We arrive on the island by a bridge that links the island to the mainland. We discover waterfalls, canyons, cliffs and small muddy paths. It is breathtaking. The night quickly falls. We spend it in a welcoming B&B of Dunvegan.

 The next morning, we take the direction of Neist Point, the lighthouse at the northern west end of the island. It’s spectacular. The sun is shining, the wind blowing the few clouds away, the sheep are grazing peacefully around us. We enjoy this moment in harmony with the nature.  

We leave following the ocean once again towrads the north of the island. At Uig, we go down a panoramic little road that crosses Quiraings. The light is still as beautiful and the wind still freezing but the view is stunning!  

We arrive then at Portree, just in time for the rugby match France – Scotland. We are, as you can imagine, the only supporters of the French team. We enjoy our victory … in silence ! Portree is really cute village with a colorful bridge. I love the atmosphere of the day, a sunny winter day. We feel so lucky to have this amazing weather.  

 The next morning, after a night in a guest house of the village. We are off to Edinburg. It’s almost the end but we enjoy every moment left crossing the countryside, feeling as if we were the only ones on earth in this breathtaking scenery. 

To end the trip perfectly, we take a stop in the Dalwhinnie distillery. It is the highest distillery in the land and weather conditions can be severe, an average 6 degrees. Now I get why their liquor has a very high alcohol level.

 It is time for us to catch our flight. This weekend flew by so fast. We traveled miles in a short time, but the wonders we discovered in only 4 days is incredible and was worth the travelling. 

Edinburg airport, our flight is on time. Back home ! Back to Maisone Lemoine 


Claire Lemoine

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